Go-Go Sample Help

So my man Dave Nada just sorted me out with a fat folder of some proper D.C. Go-Go. I checked him out djing in Miami and he went against the grain and played Go-Go instead of the usual Winter Music fair of house/electro/bmore. Cheers to that! Anyway, it got me thinking that some Go-Go samples from some very prominent hip-hop records (and one nostalgic R&B number) have eluded my memory. With your help, it's time to put an end to that. As Eli would say on Twitter, "Let's goooooooooo". Or as I might have said to Cosmo, "Let's go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go!"

The drum fill from "The New Style" and "Spread My Wings" (featuring Tito from The Fearless 4 and cuts by my main stain Clark Kent).

Ain't no bells in "Rock The Bells" but that Go-Go loop with the timbales is the illest. I know the record but just can't place it.

The drum fill that is repeatedly cut in on the original "Rock The Bells" may not even be from a Go-Go record, but I can't call it. Can you? I hope so.

Last up is one of my favorite Go-Go inspired hip-hop jams, "Is It Live" but I believe the drums are all programmed and played. In fact, I'm pretty sure the bells here are played live by my man Sam Sever. Do the knowledge. if I'm wrong, let me know somethin'.


Haroon said...

Beastie Boys and Troop fill is "Drop the Bomb" by Trouble Funk. I believe it's the B-side to the original (not Sugar Hill) pressing of "Pump Me Up," but I have to look.

Haroon said...

About the Run DMC track --

I'm *PRETTY* sure that's not a sample, but it's the congas from the Linn Drum. It doesn't sound like a sample to me because there's no other percussion behind it and if it were from another song chances are there would be.

gogoluver said...

Trouble Funk- Drop the Bomb for the Beastie Boys sample. One of the best go go records created. Top 10.

Troop...can't put my finger on it.

The Rock the Bells is a Trouble Funk Sample. Song called Pump Me up. Featured on my segment Fiyah! Beats friday a month or so ago.

Run DMC makes me think of the go go song..."Tick tock around the clock" or what have you. I could be wrong on that one though.

DJ 7L said...

IU might already have got these tracks...the "Rock the Bells" is Trouble Funk "Double Trouble" its right at the top of the song...the Beasties one is def Trouble Funk as well, I know I got it, just gotta find it, I already had "Drop the Bomb" ripped that Hurricane is transforming on "Shadrach"...the drum fill in the Troop record could be also Trouble Funk from "Trouble Funk Express" or I think its a Slim track(I could be wrong on both accounts, but it is a common yet incredible drum fill on Go Go tracks)....


here are the 2 trouble funk tracks...another notable Trouble Funk/Hip[ Hop staple is Horn/Guitar brteakdown and drum beat from "Lets Get Small" from BDP "Criminal Minded"...

Anonymous said...

Trouble funk interview



XMP said...

Trouble Funk and DC's Go Go sound played a pretty big role in hip-hop's early development... thanks for shining a spotlight on that w/ the blog post and everything else!

XMP said...

p.s. if you love all that Go Go and classic sh*t, you gotta check this mix out... CK does it major!