Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yooooo!

Please hold tight, a I'm having some server issues. The links will be active again, as soon as my man Digital Shay lets me know what is the issue. I wish I could offer something in the meantime, but I am out of town with no access to anything relevant to the world of konstant kontact.

To keep you posted on the Stretch and Bob Anniversary Extravaganza, all I can say is that I truly wish that all of the artists we've been reaching out to would see this event as an extension of what we did on KCR, and not as just another opportunity to catch a check. We've had to push the date back twice already because of the unforeseen difficulty in finalizing the bill.

Yo Yo Yo's to Marcus Logan and Q-Tip whom I bumped into on Friday night; Dante Ross, Dart La, Marc Labelle and Pase Rock who came to check me at the Guggenheim Friday night but got caught in the museum's ultra-wack door situation; to my home girl Claw who is about to walk down the isle; to my man Emz and John Stanier who made it into the Guggenheim; and finally, a huge YO YO YO to my mango DJ Eclipse who has just put in 10 years on WNYU with his Halftime show.

Oh- and peep my headphones coming out in May, courtesy of WESC. There is the Stretch Pro, as well as the less chunky model for hitting the pavement of zoning out on the train/plain.

I'll be posting shows soon....



Anonymous said...

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yoooooo...Yo Stretch-Zini, what is the (current) tentative date for the anniversary show?

- Peasssssshhh...

Tonysunshine said...

Whats good Stretch? Glad to see you are still doing your thing. Just showing my support - we met a few times back in the day. Hold your head & congrats on that anniversary coming up - I miss that shit like you have no idea lol. I got a post for you over at my spot The Analects - check it out if you got the time. Peace

P said...

Those headphones look dope, gonna need some specifics on those later on!

Honey Tits said...


Anonymous said...

Stretch?!?! Stretch?!?! Stretch!!!
Where are you???

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universoulproductions said...

Yo. Always diggin' on the blog. I reference it from time to tim as I'm sure you have noticed.

I wanted to share something special with you as well and hope that if you think it's worthy, you would what you would do for any worthy content.




Appreciate it. Stay up and don't hesitate to holler any time.



The World Is Ready... said...

I'm just catchin your "Yoooo's". Always love Stretch!!! I will add you to my bloglist theworldisready.blogspot.com. EZ


Anonymous said...

post more

Rick said...

Stretch Boogie where are you? I need some shows from '96.