Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Reunion Jump Off

Bobbito let the cat out of the bag already, so I'll just add on. For a little while now, we have been planning an event to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the last show we did together. It's kind of a dubious milestone but we couldn't do the 10th Anniversary of our first show, 'cause that passed 8 years ago. Maybe we could do a 20th, but that's in two years. Or, we could borrow from Eclipse's book and do an 18th Anniversary. Whatever; we both felt like the time had come to do something together, so the 10th Anniversary of our final show it is. But it won't be a celebration of going our own ways. No, no, no, kids. If I have any say in the matter, this will be a great night in the spirit of what went down at KCR, so expect the unexpected. We are working on getting the line-up finalized, which will include some groups that haven't performed together in ages. I soooo want to mention names, but I can't.

Being that the lineup has not been finalized, I'd love to know what artists YOU would love to see. We are only interested in involving artists that were integral to the show, so those that were already established before 1990 don't count, and artists that didn't emerge 'til after 1998 don't either. Feel free to comment.


madnice said...

Congrats on the anniversary to the best show. I want to see some stretch and bob shows posted.

bsked1 said...

Stretch!!..Organized Konfusion and Artifacts are 2 that pop in my mind of the bat...

Anonymous said...

I want to see Lace da Booms and Godfather Don!!!

DJ SOUL said...

Hit Squad (all of them). That would be interesting.

DJ SOUL said...
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Big Clev said...

A Tribe Called Quest, Leaders Of the New School, Jungle Brothers...that would be ill.

Big Clev said...

A Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School, Organized Konfusion...that would be ill!

Sunny D said...

Eric B. and Rakim

Elwood said...

some sort of Cenobites reunion would be quite off the chain.

benjamin said...

The Artifacts...

Anonymous said...

err.... Gangstarr?

DJ MIKE NICE said...


or some of the true underground mc's
such as ABSOLUTE from the Lyracist lounge
and EI8TRAK from Mass Vinyl days (if you need connects on Ab or Ei8 holla)

ps i got the rest of the BIG freestyle we were stumped n

Vect97 said...

I would love to see Natural Elements, Artifacts, NonPhixion, Necro, Cage, Natural Resources, to name a few.

Dj Snifta said...

yo stretch that would be crazy def man! i wouldnt mind seeing KRS-One, Black Moon, Redman, Eric Sermon, Artificats, Kurious Jorge, Company Flow, Gang Starr, Pete Rock & Cl Smooh, A Tribe Called Quest, Souls Of Mischief crew, Nas, EPMD, Smif-N-Wessun, Just Ice, Funky Jillz, Kool Keith, The Alkoholics....just some ideas. much love from Kenya and Rome. when you gonna post some of those lovely tasty snacks you used to post of you and bob? mad props man. nuff respect for everything you have done you have inspired me to do so much stretch! props! peace

Chopper said...

Natural Elements,Non Phixion and another dj Riz battle routine

HipHopHistorian said...

I think I just came in my trousers thinking about this. Anyway, I would love to hear some D.I.T.C. action on the show. Large Pro is always a classic. As for groups that are broken up: Artifacts and Organized Konfusion(but the members of each seem to hate each other these days.) Freestyle Fellowship would also be the ish.

Incrediboi said...

Big Fan Of the Show...
I'm There!

- Incrediboi

Incrediboi said...

Big Fan Of the Show...
I'm There!

- Incrediboi

Anonymous said...

Let Lord Sear freestyle for a few and then heat everyone onstage and in the crowd!

Jew said...

You gotta have Lord Sear there, snapping on cats in the crowd.

Also, Natural Elements would be nice

Maybe you can set up a collections box at the door, to help all the artists you had on your show over the years, who no longer rap because fans don't buy shit anymore.

Anonymous said...

Please make sure this is recorded be it audio or video, the world needs to witness.

farns said...

I saw boot camp clique in London a couple of years ago, and I'd fly my arse out to NY to see them on home turf. Heltah Skeltah, Black Moon, OGC - no doubt.

3rd Bass would be amazing too!

Anonymous said...

Wowzers you just made my week.
the artifacts
siah & yeshua dapo ed
company flow
main source
godfather don

slice1 said...

what up stretch..wouldn't mind seeing a arsonists reunion for that 10yr. anniversary show

CMJ said...

yo stretch this is great news!!

id love to hear the Artifacts together again

Ryan Seaclark said...

Organized Konfusion!

Sharp. said...

If you could get Tame & El to spit together or maybe Can Ox(have they made anything since 2001?) maybe Kweli & Mos together. Percy rhyming with finesse would hurt cats too!

Thor96 said...

I'm Warsaw, Poland so I never had the chance of hearing your shows, except the ones that you have put on this blog, but I really feel your passion about hip-hop as a culture, and not just industry. If we are speaking about groups from the past- I would like to here some new brand nubian joints, and also ATCQ qould be crazy I guess. Hope your wishlist will be fullfilled, happy anniversary (even thou' it's kinda sad) and keep on posting these mad tracks!

Anonymous said...

get Godfather Don in the studio!

Anonymous said...

Freestyle Professors!

Keep doin yo thank, Stretch.

Ed Catto

tony terrific said...

Organized Konfusion reunion (with O.C.) - because why not?

calvin said...

Yo Stretch, just off the top of my head, some of the artists i'd like for you to bring are Kool Keith, R.A. The Rugged Man, Smif N Wessun, and Royal Flush

think said...

kid capri, some turntables and nothing but james brown records ....

Head Yugo In Charge said...

Stretch, this better has nothing to do with your hipster makeover..

Anonymous said...

Mf Grimm and B One

Stackswell said...

Name some huh? And why hasn't anyone commented yet? This is probably the most important thing to happen in the world of hip-hop in a long time people (or at least to Stackswell). But seeing how much the crowd/following has changed since the show aired you'll probably sit back and just wait for the show to materialize without honest care. Okay, woooooooow, where to start? I'd say first & foremost get Keith and hopefully the rest of Ultra, Kurious, but I know he's probably already in on it for sure, definitely Ill Al & Big Ill (PLEASE!), Blahzay, Crome Rebels, Brooklyn Assault Team, OC, obviously the rest of DITC, P-Nut, too many to name. When I think of more note-worthy heads other than the obvious I'll share.

Let's get this goin Stretch!

pos said...


kind of hard since jakki is in florida now.

oh well, worth a shot!

Jaz said...

Cee Style of The Korp and Total Package.

Arsonists, Laster and AK Skills

jopparelli said...

Roughneck Soldiers!

z.a.k. said...

I.G. Off & Hazardous, Artifacts, sub-con, showbiz & AG, Jay Electronica, Premo, Pete Rock, DOOM, Original Beatnuts, kweli, Pharcyde, Brand Nubian, Madlib. Just off the top of my head


Actually, I will be rocking a mustache and really, really tight pants. For his part, Bobbito will be wearing a Dashiki.

Anonymous said...

Artifacts cause im from newark, the beatnuts, kurious, atcq, ditc, souls of mischief, krsone, dela soul, company flow, and afrika bambatta to spread a positive message in there for the youth.

Anonymous said...

Artifacts cause im from newark dela soul atcq juice crew fantasic five cold crush brothers treacherous three souls of mischief krs one ditc doug e fresh slick rick epmd public enemy run dmc mc lyte beatnuts kurious.

Sureshot La Rock said...

WOW! Could there be light at the end of the dark tunnel we've been trapped in for 10-years?

One show is not enough -- you do realize that, right? Come back and reclaim your throne!


taboo said...

no suggestions but damn, I gotta say big ups! legendary shit is about to go down.

Dee Phunk said...

I was about to list a bunch of artists (some people on these comments are trippin' right now...they wanna see the whole fuckin Native Tongues reunite LOL). But on the real, this won't be official unless Natural Elements perform.

This was my hands down FAVORITE group to come out of the NY underground in the late '90s and they never got a chance to drop an album or anything. To this day, I still bump the $10 "Best Of" bootleg I copped from some kid in front of Fat Beats.

Oh...Mr. Live and Tony Bones would be ill too.

erminatti said...

Everyone's going to sound a bit old and jaded but what the hey, listening to GRAND PUBA, POS K, and SADAT X tear up the mike once and for all won't hurt!

Anonymous said...

There's tons of names that would be dope to hear - but the most important thing is that they perform tracks from back then...

Here's some names:

Kurious Jorge
Beatnuts (w. Al Tariq)
Organized Konfusion feat. O.C.
Gang Starr
Souls of Mischief
Pete & CL
Large Pro (Main Source)
Black Moon
D.I.T.C. (performing a medley of their catalogue as a group and as individuals...)

Much love!

Massiv said...

Wu-Tang performing - Protect Ya Neck, C.R.E.A.M. + Ice Cream and other solo tracks.

Mobb Deep (feat. Q-Tip, Ghost, Rae, Nas) performing Survival of the fittest, Eye For An Eye, Shook Ones, Right Back At Ya, Drink Away The Pain,

Large Pro, Akinyele, Joe Fatal and Nas performing Live at the barbeque.

The Gang Starr Foundation performing Love Sick, Mass Appeal, I'm the Man, Code of the streets, Speak Ya Clout, Supa Star, Livin Proof, Brooklyn Took It, Da Bichez, Cant Stop The Prophet, Come Clean and I could go on and on and on and on and on....

Also Pete & CL performing with a guest appearance from INI.

Ohhh I think I'm dreaming - I need to wake up - Soulja Boy is on the radio...

benjamin said...

MF DOOM!!!! That would be a perfect headliner, and I'm sure you could get him to show up...

ju-ju said...

for one ,you gotta have Cage doing "clockwork"...I also run an internet radio station, if you wanna run a feed worldwide-wtnrradio@gmail.com

ICE said...

The usual suspects should be there Nas, Artifacts, DITC and freestyle kings like KRS, Percee P, Craig G, etc


DjNoize said...

I wanna see (Mad) Skillz come in and do a recap of all the memorable moments on your shows.
Like he does a year-roundup now.
But his would be a Hairy Monkey balls kinda round-up, right.
Oh - AND I WANT TO HEAR "You Gotta Go Down".

Jerry said...

ATCQ, Artifacts and maybe Main Source.

A-MED said...

Only 2 names come to mind:

Pete Rock & CL Smooth!!!!!!!!!

Boogie Man said...

take the opportunity to record a new, live-on-the-air posse cut. maybe Walt or Evil Dee could bring in an SP, a minimal beat could be made and then Tony Bones, Mr. Live and Breezly Bruin could make another long awaited cut in one take.

Boogie Man said...

Maybe Walt, Evil Dee or Lord Finesse could bring in an SP to make a minimal beat so we could hear another long awaited Breezly Bruin, Tony Bones, and Mr. Live radio session. That first one is still one of the greatest ever!


Everyone- the comments are always appreciated. I have no problem publishing ones that offer constructive criticism or even ones that poke fun of me or Bobbito. We certainly used to dish it out. In general, I don't like rejecting comments, but I'm just not gonna accept any that contain personal attacks or unjustified negativity.

Hold 'em!

Jay Sabur said...

Jeezy, Black Moon, Turf Talk, Murs, Suga Free, Sean Price

Anonymous said...

Tim Westwood vs Dave Pearce soundclash

Anonymous said...

the whole constipated monkees fam.leaders of the new school.the artifacts.deffo organized konfusion.lord finesse.del.souls.siah and yesua.freddy foxxx.mother fuckin tim dogg.mf doom.and last but certainly not least kool keith.

P Blazey said...

Supernatural and Rahzel need to be in the house. Will you be handing out free Cadbury eggs?

Anonymous said...

you should get edan up there to rock a routine.

eLAR said...

large pro
lord sear
bush babees!!!!
dj riz
RA the rugged man

Hell Yup! said...

Supernat/ Craig G rematch!

HowFresh said...


But if he's still touring Scandinavian coastal towns, I'd say some Organized with O.C., Co Flo, Kurious, Street Smartz- and the creme de la creme of independent early 90s. Too many dope artists to mention.


Meet The Producers said...

Natuiral Resources, Natural Elements, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Organized Konfusion, Kurious, Artifacts (would be nice but...) Real Live, Fugees (lol), Wu-Tang etc.. u know

Blacktop said...

3rd Bass? lol, I know, not gonna happen.
How about Kurious?

daddy oakley said...

I say get dat nicca Young Bleed, dat nicca K-Rino, and dem niccaz Psychodrama.

Sum thangz iz only built 4 real n.i.g.g.a.z.

Anonymous said...

indelible mcs or just J-Treds

Improvian said...

Nice. Quick question before I give my list, is this going to be a club show or are yall going to be back on the radio as a one off?

My list (and this is going by the folks I remember coming up there a lot):
-Large Pro
-Lord Finesse
-Kool Keith (though that might be better on the radio than performing haha)
-Souls of Mischief
-El Da Sensai
-the Roots

Of course you have to have Kurious since he kicked the show off with yall. Maybe get Mister Cee to do his rhyme he kept messing up haha

All and all I just wanted to thank you for the show. Many a Fridays I went to work listening to the tape of the early morning. You were influential to many DJs and radio shows. So thanks again for some of the best memories I have.

Anonymous said...

Beatnuts with Al Tariq, Co Flow, Tribe, Artifacts, Organised Konfusion, The Pharcyde (original lineup), D.I.T.C., Brand Nu, Main Source, Cold Chillin', Jeru with Primo, Eric B. & Rakim, Das EFX, Black Moon, Arsonists...........just to raise my hopes through the roof!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the line up for this show.

matsi said...

god don
orko the sycotik alien
masta ace
blaq poet

stretch, we love you (georgia, ex-ussr)

Ivan said...

Ivan of the Pirate DJs here.
Everyone mentioned above sounds dope but the rematch with Craig G and Supernatural sounds best. Congrats to you and the homie Bobbito on the anniversary from The Pirate DJs.

Buddy Lembeck said...

aw man homie... i cant wait for this reunion show no matter who's on it, but lets see....
Natural Elements
Organized Konfusion
Godfather Don / Kool Keith
Sir Menelik
Royal Flush
RA The Rugged Man
Cage / Yak Ballz
Necro / Ill Bill
Natural Resource

BSCX2 said...

KRS-ONE! I have seen him countless times at the 930 club in DC! Best live hip hop show ever! Love the blog Stretch...

Manifest said...

god damn

CENOBITES!!!! (especially Don)
Gang Starr
The Wu
One Be Lo
Company Flow reunion?
De La
Prnce Paul
RA the Rugged Man
Large Pro
Hit Squad
Mos and kweli
Pete Rock
new cats like Damu the fudgemunk
Blu and exile etc.

Craig G supernat rematch

im done..

Manifest said...

and natural elements!

Tobias said...

My wish list:
Organized Konfusion
Cenobites or Godfather Don and Kool Keith separate.
Beatnuts w/Tariq
RA the Rugged Man
Large Pro
Boot Camp
Kool G Rap

Guevara said...

Word, sounds dope Stretch, i'm there! groups i'd like to see:


just a few i though of off the top.....peace

Dj Guevara

JonnyC said...

Got's ta be:

Godfather Don
Kool Keith
Organised /OC
Yesh & Siah

Saint Ides said...

How's that Arsenio Tape? lol Aiight man......anyway guys, Artifacts are not showing up anywhere. Tame may show up, or El may show up...but together it's a no way type of deal. But my vote is for Tame 1 !

Anonymous said...

Natural Resouces would be that shit

Anonymous said...

rod stewart, eddie money, and paula abdul

madnice said...

krs at the 930 club was ill. only 10 balls no homo at the door but an old 90s reference he performed like 2 hours longer.

alphastart said...

not for nothing, but um, when is this supposed to happen???

GREG T said...

AK Skills. hands down.

Anonymous said...

Kool keith! he was the best co host

brett johnson said...

Yo! You gotta invite Ghetto Communicator.

Dread said...

i must vote for kool keith and godfather don.

prime $uspect said...

Rawcotiks !!!

The Beatnuts
Natural E
House of Reps
Black Moon

DJ KALEEM said...


Where's he been?

Ya'll shouldn't even do an event, before you just do a live online broadcast. Ya'll could play some of the ILL phone ins and such.

Bring on Hungry Jack!

Brik Mason said...

gravediggaz for real

REID_ONE said...

The Jungle Brothers (allowed to only perform songs from 'Straight Out the Jungle' & 'Done by the Forces of Nature'), Duran Duran, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Absolution, The Cro-Mags, Men @ Work, Iron Butterfly, & Rick James... that would be def!!!
oh yeah, and Def Leopard.

Anonymous said...

can we have TAME ONE without wack ass El da Sensei?
also, DITC, Arsonists, AL Skills, A butta, Organized....but PLEASE- no Company Flow or Non Phixion.

Anonymous said...

Natural Elements

But mostly:

Stretch and Bob feat: Lord Sear

RhymeSmoke said...

Cucumber slice slice slice....Love yall for real! I used to make the illest tapes...lost alot os sleep too...lol.....................ps Wu Tang! Wu Tang!....One!

RhymeSmoke said...

Had to add one more cause this is really bringin me back...Flex didnt have nothin on 89.9 back then! Nobody had the illest exclusives and freestyles like yall....Bring it back! One!

red dirt said...

one of my favorite stretch & bob tapes that i have is one with organized konfusion and lord finesse. three the hard way, cuddie

Anonymous said...

cenubites pt 2!!

Anonymous said...

Arsonists would be so hot.