Flyer Check

Not too long ago, I bumped into my old friend Alyasha, who I haven't seen in years. He handed me these two flyers, which took me back to some great times.

Big Dummies was at this junkyard/abandoned gas station on 2nd and B, which is now a really generic brick rental filled with NYU students and b-models. The party took place "indoors" if you could call it that, but there was a big outside area as well, and chicken, beer and blunts were the routine. This is one of those parties that a lot of people I bump into from back then seem to remember, though I don't- probably because I couldn't be too into a club that didn't have an ill sound system. Theirs was a pile of junk. Still, a good time.

The "I Love Beas" flyer was a benefit for everybody's friend Beasley, who was terminally ill. In a weird twist of fate, he passed away the night of the event. Peep the serious line-up. Beas (and of course Eli, who designed the flyers) was a big part of the aforementioned Trip at Mars, and this night had the Trip crew in full effect. A lot of people miss Beas deeply. I still got my laminate.


Jon Deus said...

I still have that I Love Beas flyer. That night was an incredible line up. I was with Page and Tembani when it was announced that Beasley passed. Too heavy. Beasley is definately missed.
Good to see you at the screening of Shan's documentary Stretch!

Anonymous said...

Yo This Is ILL To Me!!!!! Cause i remember that night at the club. I remember nigga beez really well...i remember seeing my dude on the train just before he went into the hospital and i asked him how he was feeling. and he just looked at me and just said "RA...im in gods hand man" i just felt really sad! cause he knew all he could do is put it in gods hands at that point. RIP MY DUDE!

REID_ONE said...

Wow... the Junk Yard! Wasn't the first night on the 4th of July, when the LES was a warzone? I used to love that spot... dirty concrete floors, dark overgrown jungle of a yard littered w/wrecked cars & sharp scrap metal, watermelon, BBQ, 40's, blunts, hip-hop, reggae... & that ill sculptor dude who was arc-weld shit all night long in his "studio" which was just the unused other half of the garage. Crazy... that was also the last place G.G. Allin performed before he OD'd the following summer (prob from shit he copped on that very corner). Ummm, yeah NYC's changed a bit.
Thanx for the memories!

Hell Yup! said...

"...which is now a really generic brick rental filled with NYU students and b-models."

Anonymous said...

I Love Beas too!!! Wow and you saw Ali, took me back