Artists You Want To See

I've done a quick tally of the artists you want to see at the Stretch & Bobbito reunion extravaganza, as well as the number of mentions they received. There weren't many surprises, but of course this was no kind of scientific poll. I mean, Jay-Z as well as some of our personal favorites didn't even get mentioned. On top of that, some I have never even heard of. This list will change, but for now, this is what it looks like.

Drum roll please....

Artifacts 20
Organized Konfusion 13
A Tribe Called Quest 12
Kurious 12
Natural Elements 8
Pete Rock & CL Smooth 8
Company Flow 8
Kool Keith 8
Godfather Don 7
KRS-One 6
Gang Starr 6
Large Professor 6
Souls of Mischief 6
Nas 6
Natural Resource 5
MF Doom 5
Beatnuts 5
RA The Rugged Man 5
Black Moon 5
Arsonists 5
Main Source 5
Craig G 4
OC 4
Supernatural 4
Lord Finesse 4
Siah and Yeshua 4
Redman 3
Pharcyde 3
Talib Kweli 3
Cenobites 3
De La Soul 2
Wu-Tang Clan 3
Tony Bones 2
Jeru The Damaja 2
Ak Skills 2
Al-Tariq 2
Boot Camp 2
Mr. Live 2
Cage 2
Necro 2
3rd Bass 2
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien 2
Brand Nubian 2
Royal Flush 2
Kool G Rap 2
Akinyele 2
Percee-P 2
Mos Def 2
DJ Riz 2
Hit Squad 2


mike g said...

My Vote is for Koool Keith! Best cohost.

Marty aka Marty Mcfly said...

Roughneck Soldiers!

johnny said...

beastie boys

Derek said...

Artifacts, metal face doom, and co flow please

Anonymous said...

that list is way to heavy

but if i had a choice: craig g

tytyty said...

one more for beatnuts!
riding subway and drinking 40!
Jay is now cruising and cristal..

D-Rock said...

Stretch and Bobbito, I remember hangin out, getting blunted on Thurs. night but I had to be home by Friday morning at 1 am, just to record my tapes, and listen to the newest, up and coming rappers. 89 TEK 9
I remember whippin em out on Friday for all my boys to listen because I felt so proud, I had the new shit. Nobody had this tape, I felt. That was so long ago.
I remember Wu-tang, before anybody ever heard of them. I remember you guys having a ball in the studio because ODB's style was so crazy, wild, and funny; noone never heard any shit like that before.
The list is a fantastic list. Hope I can make it to the party. Send me an invite. An Old School fan.

Jokostyle said...

Kool keith !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BrooklynUnion said...

I cant believe the Cella Dwellas are not on this list.!!!

Anonymous said...

NaS, Mobbdeep, Tribe Called Quest, Mr. Voodoo, Cage and Company Flow

Seb said...

Black Rose! I owe you a copy of that tape Stretch, those guys spend the whole show giving shout outs. I owe you a copy of another tape too --- all talk,you and Bob and Benji and callers, Bobbito complaining about how he hates it when people say "happy new year."

Anonymous said...

Percee P

Anonymous said...

Total PAck
Hard 2 Obtain (H2O)
(Mad) Skillz
MF Doom
MF Grimm
Original HitSquad
I G Off & Hazardous
8 Off/Agallah
Kwest tha Madd Ladd
Natural Elements
Lord Finesse

rearviewradio said...

and please a lord sear lovepoem showcase!!!!!!

Stackswell said...

i can't believe no one backed me up on Blahzay, and Ill Al Skratch & Big Ill the Mac

Blacktop said...

I voted for a couple already, but I just want to mention a few other I'd really like to hear:
Brand Nubian
Kool Keith

I'm really looking forward to this post, Stretch. Keep it Konstant man!

Mainone said...

Can you get Mad Skillz and Q-Tip to do a combination freestyle part 2?! That one they did on your show was amazing!

Also, when I listen to the Y Society LP it makes me think of the golden age of Hip Hop music.

Would be real cool if you could get those Y Society cats on your show.

BTW How about MF Grimm and Scott Lark? The list is endless really!!

Can't wait for the reunion.

Best of luck.


Vect97 said...

oh yeah can i add one more that i didn't see on the list... Lords of the Underground...please!!!!!

illroy said...

Kool Keith

ICE said...

Cormega should defnitely be on there, he ripped through a freestyle on your show completely off the head and his energy was crazy.


ICE said...


Anonymous said...

A Taste Of Cadbury

illroy said...

How could I forget Lord Digga. He kicked my favorite freestlyle ever on your show. When you cats were clowin him making the barnyard sounds. I laugh every single time I hear that shit.

Anonymous said...


Zillacles said...

Percee P!!!db

Anonymous said...

Shorty Long from the DITC crew (prolly never ever performed that single), Powerrule, Hard 2 Obtain

Anonymous said...

Natural Elements reunion
IG Off & Hazardous
Lord Finesse/Diamond D/DITC
Lace da booms or AK Skills
Lord Digga
Thirstin Howl
Large Pro
Beatnuts + Al tariq

kquestion said...

Los Beatnuts
Jungle Brothers
Organized Konfusion
Agent 106 (Freestylist)

GRC said...

Godfather Don, Cage, Tame 1

Anonymous said...

Cella Dwellas

& a Lord Sear All-you-can-eat halftime please...

bolle-smallz said...

wassup, peace stretch... thanks for doing this blog... im from belgium... so we couldent get the shows...anyway..; i would like to see and hear them all from that list... lol plus the outsiderz, would be nice...

Kirk Ultra said...

Kool Keith!

madnice said...

can you post that show when pete rock was up there and he played greenbacks and some other shit? he was freestylin (kickin a written) and you was cuttin up the beginning to up against the wall group home getaway mix

Honey Tits said...

PUUUBA, leaders of the new, tame

Craig said...

what about a KRUNCHTIME doozy?


Eyes and Teeth said...

I gotta vote for Kool Keith!

EDAYE said...

Please let us know well in advance. Is this a live show or will it be on radio? You guys are a heavy inspiration for me and THEZROHOUR.com..

Anonymous said...

Craig G gotta be there

Saint Ides said...

Here's another for Tony Bones and Tone the Butcher...and Lord Sear is a Must come thru......

Anonymous said...

Kool Keith

M. D'Andrea said...

didn't my man DMX the Great appear with Percee P on the show back in '91...how come he wasn't mentioned...i think he deserves a spot more so than a lot of those other cats......

Anonymous said...

Just to fill in a few blanks:
Helta Skelta, Roc Raida, Honorable Mention goes to the Grand Ghetto Communicator!

thesoberdrunkard said...

when is this show going to take place? the list is crazy and i have to add a vote for screwball.

Anonymous said...

Siah & Yeshua dapo Ed!

Anonymous said...


madnice said...

what up with you posting the shows?

Andrew said...


whatever gotta bring that shit on the road son

Bryan said...

Things have changed so much that some of the people I loved when the show was going full force (Nas, Mobb Deep, Jeru) I wouldn't have much interest in hearing from now. I'd vote some of the obvious like Qtip, OC, Buckshot (Tek, Steele, Ruck and Starang too), Pharaohe and Mos Def but also would love to hear Siah & Yeshua and what about Fuc That from Street Smartz. Where has that cat been?

J. Murphy said...


Anonymous said...


Stretch and Bobbito

Clayton said...

Digable Planets ALL DAY!!!!!!!

DJ Karomel said...

The Outsidaz please. Rah Digga killed her freestyle when she was with the Outsidaz.

Splifkin said...

Natural E deserves it. They are one of the most slept on and DOPE groups in Hiphop. PERIOD.

Cess said...

Sunz of Man (Shabazz the Disciple, Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Prodigal Sunn, 60 Second Assassin) & Ras Kass

Anonymous said...

natural e
tame one
money boss players
mf doom
and the ghost of big L

confession: i moved to this outback boring-ass small town in japan for a while in 94 and brought a bunch of wkcr tapes with me. at some point i realized that the kids were mad for underground hip hop and started duping them for sale. if you guys could have a buck for every tape of yours that was sold over the years...well...

glad it was never about the money, though.

Whatevahman said...

Redman.. Not sure why he doesn't get a mention

chainsaw said...

1. Fuc That (i spoke to him, he's down for the cause)

2. Natural Elements

3. Beatnuts

4. Cella Dwellas

5. Organized Konfusion

6. Metal Face

7. Brand Nu

8. Blahzay


JBLAZE said...


bluemagicsmurf said...

Kool keith, del the funky homosapien, Common, pharaoh monch