Lookin' For Me?

What up, what up what up? I know...I'm lame. I've been either out of town, sick, or my computers have been giving me grief. In fact, my head feels like it's about to fall off as I write this. It's been too long since I posted, but I'm thinking that the delay has had as much to do with my feelings about hip-hop, even though I blame it on circumstance. Doing this blog has been an interesting walk down memory lane, and has made me look back quite a bit. The real is that after 1995, when it was clear that the radio show that Bobbito and I did had turned into something meaningful to a lot of people, everything began to feel very routine, and hip-hop music started to become a case of diminishing returns for me. I have to admit that by 1997 I was kinda dreading it all, but didn't want to stop doing the radio because I still knew that at the end of the day, I was playing the best of what was out there, hopeful that things might change. There were some glimpses of excitement- but overall, my feeling never changed as much as I tried to make the best of the situation. When I finally left the radio (Hot 97, I had already stopped doing KCR) I was relieved, even though I wasn't given an opportunity to say goodbye, which was kind of insulting, considering the fact that most of the staple artists affiliated with the station got their start through my radio show on KCR. What was almost equally disappointing was seeing how little support I was given by these artists- not just while I was on the air, but when my show was taken off the air. It wasn't a big deal, because I was excited about turning a new page, but it just bugged me out how it happened with so little fanfare. Of course, it's entirely possible that by 2,000, what I was doing just paled in comparison to earlier times, and I wouldn't argue with that. So here I am, almost eight years later, waving the hip-hop nostalgia flag. I have mixed feeling about it. I'm as passionate about music as I ever have been, but my tastes are much more eclectic than many of you would expect. Still, when I listen to these old shows, I am reminded that hip-hop in New York from the 80's to the early 90's was simply the best shit ever.


DJ said...

Word up stretch. Keep it coming! Its for history!

krist said...

here here.

even if some of the artists didn't throw up their arms in disbelief when you left there were a lot of us here that were truly bummed.

thanks for the great music. keep it going!


Anonymous said...

glad your back

Jim N said...

So make it eclectic. Didn't you used to spin house music as another name? I think you bring a good perspective to whatever you get in to.


Chris said...

yeah dun.. glad to have u back u have been sorely missed!

madnice said...

son i feel the same way
glad you are back

Chris said...

not to sound like a dick rider, but i just want to say, and i think i speak for many of us, that your show was the greatest shit of all time.. fuck the bullshit.. u cam correct for years and years and the fact that you loved it as much as we did makes it even more worthwhile..

i love flex, but we all know when he is playing some bullshit song from (insert wack artist) in 2007, he just dont care and is just looking to make his paper.. not mad at him at all, but then u hear that session he dropped on the 4th of july and u know what son really liked to rock..

i juse want to say, your efforts were never in vain, and u and bob and sear and everyone involved always made breaking day enjoyable on thursday nights..

all of us who are your age, my age, and who were around for the beautiful late 80's and early 90's i think have all grown up musically, not just because the vast majority of hip hop sucks these days, but just because we have gotten older.. but that never can diminish what took place int eh late 80's and early 90's, and never will..

u are part of history, and every person who was listening along with u and u made history is part of it too..

ultimate props!! on the real b..

ur show changed my life, and 1000000% for the better..

anyone who thinks im gay for making this type of post can blow me..

real talk son

Blacktop said...

Glad you're back, Stretch. I'm enjoying the music as always. Feel better mang.

ill selettore said...

welcome back, we missed you.

MoreShots said...

yeah nice one!
been checking frequently, HOPING you guys would return.


Anonymous said...

welcome back!!

Dante said...

Homie I so ageee with you on HIPHOp during th KCR days being the best shit in the world. You sentiments are what lead me and Everlast to make Whitey Ford Sings the Blues basically. Those days were fun,we were kids and our energys and resons for being involved with all this stuff was we just really dug the music.
Stretch the show was the best hiphop show ever on any radio ever. I found ODB there and signed him, I got drunk and bugged out with Curious a 100 times, I heard every rapper of merit at the time rock with yall and had more fun listening, coming thru and hanging than anyone can imagine. Little did you or any us know this was gonna be part of history and mean so much to the culture that we still live in to some extent today.
Thanks and your blog is killer!
Stimulated Dummie aka SD50's

Can u believe someone here remembers Island Lounge? Thang son ya heard!

a-one said...

I hope you continue to post the random stretch & bob shows. The demos & other rare items are cool too. But I wouldn't mind hearing some of your new sets. Back when you were doing radio I prolly woulda hated on you for straying outside of hip hop but in 07 I'd probably dis you for not doing it.

ps: You should throw up some of those stretch & bob freestyle tapes too. Mad holes in my collection. At least let me know exacttly how many volumes there were!

Jerry said...

glad to see you back in the swing of things.

Anonymous said...

yo the last 10 years have been a fast downhill slide.. theres so little to smile about as far as new hip hop is concerned.. and even when u hear something dope (maco polo/masta ace "nostalgia" for example) its pretty much a song ABOUT this exact feeling...

you posting these shows is important.. i keep checkin the blog hoping to see a new post up there.. in some way listening to the old shows & reading the blog takes me back to those great times..

So keep at it as long as you can Stretch.. I definitely appreciate it...

sawanotsuru said...

word to ya mother

part of me wonders why we cant get it back to that raw, real deal ish again... and then another part of me says that that would be stepping backwards. but at this point *looks at current music situ* who cares?

anyway, much respect for doing what your doing on this blog stretch, keep it coming. those kcr shows are like serious smile inducers.


Roderick said...

80s-90s was definitely the best shit ever. And while hip-hop really started its decline around 1997-98 (fucking puffy), good shit still gets released. The thing is, you have to dig for it.


http://whentheyreminisce.blogspot.com/ (even though Eric apparently just ended the blog)

Deez said...

Don't forget. KCR didn't reach all of us at the time. Now... the whole world is listening.

Anonymous said...

It is the best shit. You are bringing back memories and educating.

Grimaceace said...

Well said Dunny Dunstein. I'm constantly trying to figure out if Hip-Hop was just BETTER back in the early 90's or is it that we are OLDER now and just reminiscing that the music from *OUR DAY* was better. Much like my older brother used to listen to mad 70's and 80's rock in the 90's, and my Dad would listen to Jazz from the 40's.. I think I'm leaning towards the notion that the music actually WAS actually a lot better for a lot of the reasons that Stretch mentioned rather then it just being from our day.. Everyone creatiting it was young/raw/creative/talented with nothing to lose and just created something special for the time. I also think that the economics in New York at the time had a lot to with it. NY has obviously lost a lot of it's creative edge due to economics (creative people, music vanues, record stores, galleries, etc simply cannot AFFORD to be in the city.

I have about 20 CLASSIC tapes early-mid 90's Stretch tapes (ready for some hot Non Phix freestyles?!) that I'm in the process of digitizing via PlusDeck, which is basically an internal cassette tape drive for your computer (Google that shit!). When they're all done, I'll get them over to stretch

Also, if anyone is a fan of early-mid 80's Rap, you can check my double-mix CD, *DEF BUTTER* for free listen/download here: www.grimacenyc.com/DJ'ing.htm

Lemme know what you think..