Hip-Hop As A Hobby? Part One: Positive K

I first met Positive K in '92 when his independently released "Night Shift" (executive produced by Big Daddy Kane) came out. This had been the first offering from Pos since his stellar late 80's run with Frist Priority Records, where he played second fiddle to MC Lyte and Audio Two, but was clearly the best lyricist out of the camp. Most of the artists that came to the show in the early years were ust getting their start, and it was much less common for artists that had already had careers to pass through (though in the first month we did have The Jungle Brothers and 3rd Bass, and Ultramagnetic soon to follow). So naturally, we were amped to have Positive K as a guest on March 26th, 1992. He really murdered it that night. Sadly, I don't have the entire show, and it'd be great to hear the "interview" with Pos, but I do have the verses he kicked. I do remember, though, that Pos was one of the most laid back and friendly people I had met at the radio. It really seemed like he just didn't care- that he enjoyed rapping and bugging out, but wasn't really pressed about the music biz. He was non-chalant, and pretty much had a smile on his face the whole time. After "Night Shift" he entered into a commercially successful relationship with Island/4th & Broadway, and we all heard "I Got A Man" a million times. After that, I didn't know what had happened to him, that is until there was a Pos K sighting which provided a eureka moment. Ever wonder what DJ Polo was doing for G Rap if Dr. Butcher and Marley always did the cuts? Well, Pos K was seen with DJ Polo in a particularly notorious part of Queens where you can pay to play if you know what I mean. Then "Night Shift" made sense to me. Positive K didn't need to rap- it was just a hobby!

Gettin' Paid
Step Up Front
A Good Combination
I'm Not Having It
Night Shift
KCR Freestyle, 3.26.92
Grand Puba, Positive and L.G.


Anonymous said...

Good for him..i never really got into pos k except for on the brand nubian cut which personally is top 10 album of all time..i shall investigate further. thanks for what you've done and what you're doing, and much love from the uk

Anonymous said...

props Stretch... Positive K is dope, had some nice remixes on his 12s too... "carhoppers" and "ain't no crime" come to mind

Jaz said...

Pos-K was always dope to me and don't forget that he did a 12" with MOP in the late 90's.

I don't suppose you have the "Step Up Front" remix?

Thanks for the dope posts, music and nostalgia Stretch.

madnice said...

that mr jiggliano joint

Krisch said...

When and on which record did "Gettin' Paid" come out?

The Gosub Routine said...

thanks 4 the opportunity 2 hear some positive K.
I am quite new to his stuff.




Step Up Front" remix?
i don't wanna play myself but... really?

Werner von Wallenrod said...

" After that, I didn't know what had happened to him"

Positive K released a bunch of indie 12"'s after his run on 4th and BWay... "Mr. Jiggliano," "Supreme Alphabet," "What Ya Want," "How Ya Livin'" and more from '95-'01. Some good material in there, too. 8)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting that "Good Combination" joint up!!! I remember they would play this every weekend on Kiss and WBLS late 89 and early 90.

rpgeez said...

well stretch props to you and cucumber slice, Im an original Backpacker that used to tape whenever possible cuz u had the most firest(i know not a word) selection out of any radio dj(except the 80s with Red and Marley)!people would come to my spot every weekend to smoke, rap, chillout and to hear the latest Stretch & Bobbito! thanks for helpin to make the 90s a period not to be missed by heads that were around that time! youngins do ur homework ya late...The step up front was always my fav POS K, with the vid of him on the roof !

sneakerpimp said...

Flower that Grows in Brooklyn was the shit too! I saw him at bbking and kicked his first 2 lines from this track and he was bugging out that I knew that joint.

I got a brooklyn honey
and she dont want me for my money
laughs at all my jokes even if they're not funny

DarcSKI said...

...ladies scream my name cause Im sweet as Sugar water, some call me daddy cause I treat um like my daughter!!! Pos K, miss those days.