NERVOUS!!! Chuck Chillout, 98.7 Kiss, 08.29.86

Next up on the Slept On Hall of Fame is DJ Chuck Chillout. In terms of commercial rap radio in the 90's, heads tend to talk about the propmaster Red Alert and the grand incredible Marley Marl. But Chuck was holding shit down every weekend, and in addition to playing heat, came out with unforgettable slang on par with Red. His trademark was "nervous", which he used to describe the competition up the dile, wack records, ladies with bad breath, or anything less than fresh. And don't forget- Funk Flex was his protegee, Bronxwood Productions his vehicle, The Dismasters his group, and Kool Chip his MC. Though I did catch him playing MC Hammer "Turn This Mutha Out" (nervous!!!!); but in the grand scheme of things, that's irrelevant. Here's to you Chuck Chillout...and let's not forget to tell the new jacks to stop using your name. Enjoy the show.

Chuck Chillout, Kiss FM, 08.29.86


eli escobar said...

I will never front on this... I loved "turn this mutha out" when it came out! does this make me gay?

Anonymous said...

thanks greatly. no tricks in '86.

who's the female group rappin about an hour in?
some quotes;
"syncopation with a positive atmosphere" "are you a freak?" "smart mos definitely given you more" "focus eyesight, picture, partynight"

Anonymous said...

Man, I envy all of you who had a chance to grow up on NYC radio. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't have this though since I would have never left the house and spent half a mil on blank tapes.

Darb said...

This is so nice. Thanks!

I could not get enough of Masters of Rhythm, with Kool Chip.

I think I saw chuck first on a Rap VHS tape called Slammin'. I could not hear him on the radio in Canada. It also had Le Trimm on it, and I was in love.