Girls Of The World...

These songs would have made a nice mixtape; maybe they still would. Perhaps more timeless than the once required hip-house track or the dj's token scratch cut at the end of an album, the ode to a particular member of the female* sex was a lovely tradition enjoyed by adolescent boys and misogynistic men alike. Hell, even the ladies got in on it. One or two are love raps, but overall, this is where the ladies got ripped. I wonder how many of these were based on real women...that would be cold. I've rounded up most of the ones I could remember, and left out a few that just don't cut it.

Cold Crush Brothers "Yvette"
UTFO "Roxanne Roxanne"
Gucci Crew "Sally That Girl"
The Glamour Girls "Oh, Veronica"
Bad Boys "Veronica" (Beatbox Version)
Bad Boys feat. K-Love "Veronica"
MC Serch "Melissa"
T La Rock "Tudy Fruity Judy"
LL Cool J "Dear Yvette"
Stetsasonic "Faye"
Emanon "Susie"
Emanon "Susie" (Live)
Whistle "Barbara's Bedroom"
Just-Ice "Latoya"
MC Shan "Jane Stop This Crazy Thing"
The Jaz "Hawaiin Sophie"
Black, Rock and Ron "3 Brothers and Yvonne"
De La Soul "Jenifa Taught Me"
Stetsasonic "Speaking of A Girl Named Susy"
Slick Rick "Mona Lisa"
LL Cool J "Kanday"
Rakim "Mahogany"
LL Cool J "Fast Peg"
Stetsasonic "Sally"
A Tribe Called Quest "Bonita Applebum"
The Jungle Brothers "Belly Dancin' Dina"
Bizmarkie "A Thing Named Kim"
Bizmarkie "She's Not Just Another Woman (Monique)"
K-Solo "Renee"
Poor Righteous Teachers "Shakiyla" (LP version)
Poor Righteous Teachers "Shakiyla (JRH)"
Anntex "Understand Me Vanessa"
Nu-Sounds "Miss Jones"
Kurious "Nikole"
Diamond and The Psychotic Neurotics "Sally Got A One Track Mind"
Slick Rick "Venus"
Common "Heidi How"
Young Black Teenagers "To My Donna"
Too Short "Blow Job Betty"

*with EPMD being the exception:

EPMD "Jane"
EPMD "Jane 2"
EPMD "Jane 3"
EPMD "Who Killed Jane"
EPMD "Jane 5"
EPMD "Jane 6"

Thanks to Eli, Riz, Mike Bizzle and King Emz for helping out. They all love women very much. As do I.


j kriss said...

Stretch...can't thank you enough...loving all of it. Have you considered Odeo.com for distro? They use it over at hiphopmusic.com...slick and easy. Keep them joints comin'.

AZT said...


what about Masta Ace - Bklyn Masala?

Beezer B said...

So which is your favourite girl name rap track ever?

Mines probably Venus but I love Caz on Yvette. Dope post.

joaquin said...

holy shit

5252 said...

Huge Props, Stretch. Keep up the dope posts. Many thanks.


Scott Downs said...

Wow...the real HIP-HOP lives within' these blogs! Mind Blowin'

Anyways here is one of my favorites-

Positive K- Quarter Gram Pam (First Priority)1987 Before Atlantic

Cognito said...

Damn no KING SUN"undercover lover"? that was my joint.

large said...



Uncle $ticky said...

Wait....why not the Lost Boyz "Renee" ? Cold beat, killer verses, and an ill hook..

I love it though, mad love to you for this (and everything else)

Mike B said...

wow... listening to the entire Jane series makes me realize something quite obvious: EPMD wrote 6 songs about sexing transvestites. That's too real. They should be bigger with the LGBTS crown... and I'm so glad you put "To My Donna" in there.

Parker said...

Put on "Joyce" (Tall, Dark & Handsome) and "Lisa Lips" (UTFO) and you've got a sub-list of the creepy mid-80's STD-themed raps starting to take shape.

[Honorable mention goes to Missus Microwave, Moe Dee's costar in "Go See Doctor."]

SHARP. said...

I used to always blend 'Romeo' by Super lover Cee & Cassanova Rud with this joint. I could listen to those two songs back to back all day.

SHARP. said...

I used to always blend 'Romeo' by Super lover Cee & Cassanova Rud with this joint. I could listen to those two songs back to back all day.

Anonymous said...

On EPMD's original Jane (Number 1), what is that voice sample saying throughout the song? "...thing"?

Anonymous said...

oxudopLost Boyz joint Renee deserves to be up there.

The Roots - Queen Amina

Pharcyde - Passin me by.


Eh, Lost Boyz were mediocre at best. I wouldn't put them on the list. And the others fit thematically, but aren't "classic material."

Derrick said...

Kool G Rap
"Truly Yours"